Easy way to disable or redefine Capslock and other keys

Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit has various stand alone tools. Amongst them is Remapkey.exe tool that lets you Remap Windows Keyboard and assign different keys too it.

Download Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools [ 11.8 MB ] for all the apps or simply download the Remapkey.exe [ 340 KB ] and directly run without any installation.

Just run the executable file to open the Remapkey. Follow below steps to make any changes :

  • The top keyboard is the standard base keyboard layout and Remapped keyboard below is what is in use.
  • Simply drag the desired key from the top window onto caps lock in the lower window and drop it. ( my case F2 to rename ) ; eg : extra Shift , A, Enter
  • Click the Save And Exit first icon and let the computer restart.

remapkey tool

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