Best Mobile Running App– RunKeeper Pro iOS and Android Free Download

runkeeper logoI have been using Runkeeper app on Samsung Galaxy S phone, for past two months to track my running stats.  It has done a fairly good job – tracking your run on a map using GPS and logging your speed, calories burned, pace, and all kinds of great information. It also automatically sync to their web site and edit all information, access and share on facebook or twitter anytime. Runkeeper is a great GPS app for those that want a Nike+ type app for running, cycling, etc.

RunKeeper Pro app (usually $9.99 USD) is free to download now through the end of January. RunKeeper Pro adds customizable audio cues and advanced coaching (a tool that allows you to plan your workouts and set goals), among a few other Pro-only features. With the recent updates, you can manually input data if you did any exercise indoor or outdoor. It also supports storing heart rate with an external device.

RunKeeper Pro works on both on Android and iOS iPhone, iPod devices. Download it from here

runkeeper ios android

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