Hack Flash Videos to run full screen on dual monitors

adobe flash logoIf you use multiple monitors and enjoy to watch youtube, hulu or any flash videos full screen in one monitor and when try to work in another, flash video would exist out immediately from full screen. FlashHacker is a free download for Windows that fixes this problem. It’s not available for Mac OS X yet. via jmaxxz.

  • Download FlashHacker from here
  • Make sure to close all Windows – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome , Opera or any application that uses flash like Steam.
  • Open FlashHacker.exe ( Make sure to right click and choose "Run as Administrator")  and click the big Hack My Flash! button and go back to browsing.
  • For Chrome Browser, use DrizzlyChrome app to do the same. Download from here and close all browsers and run it. Remember you have to patch everytime Chrome updates.

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