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Google Music beta logo Google’s Music service, cloud based, has finally launched and will be available to US users slowly. It’s still in beta and you won’t be able to purchase any music yet. It should rollout to rest of the world very slow.

Google Music, currently allows for the storage of 20,000 songs in the cloud for streaming to any computer or Android device – all for free while the service is in beta. You use Google’s Music Manager on your desktop to add your songs to the service. It adds play counts and ratings as well. It’s a "full featured music manager", so you can search and do all the other things you could in iTunes and Windows Media Player. Some features of Google Music service :

  • Instant Mix creates playlists automatically based on any by analyzing your music library and matching songs together in a quick mix.
  • Search is as smooth as any you’ve ever seen by Google.
  • Other functions include automatically caches music on your phone, and you can select albums, artists and playlists to pin (or download to your phone) for offline listening.

The sooner you put in your request, the sooner you’ll get your invitation.
 Google Music Beta Request

Google Music invite

Watch the video published by Google introducing the new Cloud Music service

Google Music beta Intro

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