Download SeekDroid Android App free – Security, Locate Phone and Wipe etc

The Amazon Android Appstore, has been very successful in luring android users with their daily promotions of commercial app each day for free. If you own an android device now or going to own later, you should be able to add these apps to your amazon account and install later. Amazon Android App Store Linkseekdroid app free

Get SeekDroid Android App Free – It is designed to give you peace of mind by helping you track down your device if it gets lost or stolen. It installs itself as an administrator on the device, enabling you to manage your device remotely. Once you have installed Seek Droid, you can locate your device, remotely lock it, see all the recent calls since you misplaced it, and even wipe the device with little effort.

The free download promotion only runs from Sunday June 19th to Monday June 20th. After that, the app will go back to its normal $0.99 purchase price, which is still well worth it for what you get.

SeekDroid Product Page –

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