Download Full LEGO Star Wars Space Runner game free

Intel AppUp Center is an online application store developed by Intel Corporation for Windows based Netbooks, Laptops and Personal Computers. Last time, I mentioned it was when Angry birds was given out free.

lego star wars space runner gameNow, Intel AppUp is offering LEGO Star Wars Space Runner by The Game Agency, LLC for free. It is designed to work on all versions of Windows 7, Vista, XP ( 32 bit and 64 bit ).  You’ll need the Intel AppUp center in addition to the game.

LEGO Star Wars Space Runner lets you have the freedom to create your own space ship to survive the dangers of space. Taking down enemies and asteroids will reward you with LEGO blocks that can be placed on your ship anyway you please. The bigger your ship, the more difficult it is for the enemies and asteroids to destroy you, so make sure to collect as many LEGO pieces as possible.

Download Intel AppUp and Lego Star Wars Space Runner Game

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