XSUsenet.com–Free Usenet account with news group client download

Usenet is a worldwide distributed Internet discussion system started in 1980s and is still in use amongst few users having around 25,000 messages sent with over 8TB data shared per month. It is fastest method for exchanging information and files over the internet. Usenet has more then 2500 terabyte of unique data with 9TB being added everyday. Usenet is not open to all public as it requires access to Usenet newsgroup server and a client to connect too.

free usenet accessXS Usenet, is a newsgroup server that is giving out free Usenet accounts that never expire, these free accounts are limited to transfer rates of 1Mbps and limited to 2 connections. This is still good for a average user.

  • Go to http://www.xsusenet.com/#1
  • Click Subscribe Now  and Signup for Free account. Choose any of the countries in dropdown, would still let you use service from anywhere in world.

Some highlights of the service – 400+ days retention, No IP retention, 2500Tb storage, No personal details

Free Usenet client ( newsgroup reader ) – GrabIt  and Unzbin are probably the best free Usenet clients. Both are extremely small in size. Grabit is frequently updated and would be my first choice. Follow the link and download and use below server details to connect to XS Usenet server with your username password and explore it.

Get Grabit ( http://www.unzbin.com/ )  or Unzbin ( http://www.unzbin.com/ )

XS Usenet server details to config in client

  • Address: reader.xsusenet.com
  • Regular Port: 119 non-secure
  • SSL Port: 443 secured

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