Get up to 5GB of extra Dropbox free space

dropbox logoIf you have read my last post about Dropbox, how to get free 1GB+ space, it got bigger this time. Dropbox wants you to try out their experimental build of Desktop or Android Client’s automatic photo and video uploading feature, in exchange reward you with upto 4.5GB of extra space for free in the special beta period. This is not a trick or hack, some simple steps from Dropbox forums.

Follow below steps to get the extra storage using Desktop Client

  • Signup for Dropbox Account ( extra 250 MB using this link after you install desktop app).
  • Read my previous post to get 1GB+ – Easy tips to get free Dropbox storage 1GB+ more space without coupon referral
  • Download Experimental Forum Build 1.3.13
  • Find a USB drive, Create a folder named DCIM in the root of drive, Transfer 5GB worth of photos ( jpg )
  • Unplug the drive and plug it back in.
  • In the autoplay window that pops up select "Import pictures and videos using dropbox"
  • A bubble notification on the notification bar should say "Finding photos to upload, click here for info." Click it.
  • Let the photos import to your dropbox folder (wait till the bar fills up).
  • Your dropbox folder should open after it finishes. Go ahead and delete all the photos – I have uploaded, probably may or maybe delete.
  • Another notification should say that your space has been increased. For every 500MB of photos and videos automatically uploaded, you’ll receive another 500MB space bonus, up to 4.5GB total.

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