Get free Microsoft SkyDrive Storage 7GB new and 25GB existing users

Microsoft SkyDrive LogoMicrosoft has revamped it’s cloud storage and the Skydrive is much better with lot of features in tough competition to Dropbox, Google Drive and Apple iCloud. Whats cool about this is, the free space you get for a free account is 25GB compared to 2GB from dropbox. You’ll be amazed the  comparison of Skydrive with other providers here.

Despite what MS says, free 25gb currently only requires that you have an existing Windows Live account, (,,

SkyDrive free storage

Some features of Microsoft SkyDrive :

  • Its ability to create and edit Microsoft Office documents (such as in Word and Excel) right in the Web interface on Windows or Macs. No app installation (and cost) required.
  • Microsoft OneNote and SkyDrive syncing .
  • 2gb per file limit when using the app and 300MB per file limit if using webpage interface.
  • Complete Integration with Windows PC.
  • Get apps for PC, MAC, Windows Phone, Android, iPhone iOS, Web

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