Fix for Droid Explorer ‘Unable to locate Android SDK directory’


Droid Explorer is a simple windows application designed to simplify the process of managing rooted Android devices. It provides a number of useful features which can be accessed on your PC to execute on your phone.

The program uses the Android SDK to allow viewing and organizing the device contents. In addition to this, you need to have the corresponding OEM drivers and Busybox installed and the USB debugging feature enabled on your rooted device.

You can download this application for here: Download Droid Explorer Beta

The problem with this latest version is – Droid Explorer removed the option to install Android SDK automatically. Links for “Set up Android SDK for me” doesn’t seem to work except for downloading it. So, it has to be manually downloaded and install prior to installing Droid Explorer.

Droid Explorer - Android SDK path

If you’re getting the error :  "Unable to identify the specified path as a valid Android SDK directory", follow below simple steps to get it working.

  • Download and install Android SDK from
  • Go to the installed directory ("C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\ ") and launch ”SDK Manager.exe" with admin rights. ( Select it ; Shift + Right Click and Select Run as Administrator )
  • In the next window ( below ) , select Tools>Android SDK Plaftform-tools and Android 4.1 (API16)>SDK Plaftform and install both.
  • Once done, now setup Droid Explorer and it’ll automatically detect the Android SDK on your computer.

Android SDK Manager for Droid Explorer

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