Get free 50GB bonus space on cloud storage

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You can signup now signup with to get 50GB free cloud storage space rather then regular 5GB. This is meant for Dell advantage customers who can share this offer with their co-workers and friends which can be us too. Offer is valid for new customers/sign ups only. free cloud storage

Below are the features of this account :

  • 50 GB of web storage
    250 MB file size limit
    10 GB – monthly shared bandwidth limit (calendar)
  • Send a file – even entire folders – just by emailing a link! Get that contract to your client before leaving the meeting, not after.
  • Turn any folder into an online workspace and edit projects, assign and manage tasks, and more.
  • With Box’s robust mobile apps,view important content on the go from any device.

Full Version Adobe Edge Animate 1.0 Free Download

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Edge Animate logoAdobe Edge Animate is a powerful, intuitive tool for creating stunning animated and interactive content that runs perfectly on desktops, mobile devices and tables using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. This is Adobe’s latest cross-browser web development tool. Go to Product Homepage to checkout the features and showcase pieces done using this tool.

Adobe is offering Edge Animate 1.0 software as a free download from their Creative Cloud as a limited give away. This will cost $499 USD (perpetual license) or $14.99/month (single product subscription). This software is designed to work on Windows 7/8 or Mac OS X v10.6, v10.7 or v10.8 with minimum 1GB of RAM.

Edge Animate is a new motion and interaction tool for creating animated, interactive content using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Edge Animate is designed to be powerful yet Adobe Edge Animate Downloadapproachable and easy to use. Edge Animate is ideal for web designers, interactive designers, and web developers who want to energize their content for the web with motion and interactivity. Some features that sets it apart from it’s competitors :

  • Edge Animate works natively with HTML to enable open collaborative workflows and enhancing existing HTML pages with motion. Content produced with Edge Animate can be seamlessly integrated in a web page with Edge Code, Dreamweaver or other web authoring tools.
  • Edge Animate is designed with creative professionals in mind, taking our customers’ favorite functions and features from best in class products like After Effects and Flash Professional.
  • Edge Animate features advanced interactive capabilities via the Edge Animate API.
  • Edge Animate allows you to use Symbols, which are nested animations with independent timelines.
  • Edge Animate is available on both Mac and Windows platforms.

Get free one year Crashplan Subscription Unlimited backup with coupon code

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CrashPlan, popular online backup tools, is running a promotion for a free year of unlimited backup for one computer. This costs 50$ otherwise. This free year includes all of CrashPlan’s paid backup service features, including unlimited online storage, web and mobile access, and backing up to friends and family.

Even though CrashPlan advertises this offer only for Carbonite switchers specifically, it actually works with any e-mail, no need to be a Carbonite user. Only for new customers of CrashPlan though.

  • Go site – and enter your email.
  • You should see a message, that you’re eligible and click ‘Download’ to proceed.
  • You receive a code via email. The code can be used with existing accounts to add a free 1 year subscription to a computer.

crashplan free offer

Some nice features of CrashPlan account :

  • Back up locally to external drives       
  • Back up files currently on ext. drive       
  • Automatically back up all file types       
  • Fast, unlimited online backup       
  • Keep deleted files forever       
  • Back up to friends’ computers       
  • Create customized backup sets       
  • Retain unlimited file versions       
  • Enterprise-grade security       
  • Back up multiple computers       
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows       

Get free Microsoft SkyDrive Storage 7GB new and 25GB existing users

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Microsoft SkyDrive LogoMicrosoft has revamped it’s cloud storage and the Skydrive is much better with lot of features in tough competition to Dropbox, Google Drive and Apple iCloud. Whats cool about this is, the free space you get for a free account is 25GB compared to 2GB from dropbox. You’ll be amazed the  comparison of Skydrive with other providers here.

Despite what MS says, free 25gb currently only requires that you have an existing Windows Live account, (,,

SkyDrive free storage

Some features of Microsoft SkyDrive :

  • Its ability to create and edit Microsoft Office documents (such as in Word and Excel) right in the Web interface on Windows or Macs. No app installation (and cost) required.
  • Microsoft OneNote and SkyDrive syncing .
  • 2gb per file limit when using the app and 300MB per file limit if using webpage interface.
  • Complete Integration with Windows PC.
  • Get apps for PC, MAC, Windows Phone, Android, iPhone iOS, Web

SocialFolders– Facebook, Google docs, etc download and sync Offline

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SocialFolders logoSocialFolders is a new web service that allows you to sync your social sites with your computer. It is a very useful tool for keeping offline copies of your files to access even without Internet Connection.  Additionally, it’ll sync any changes you make online or locally so managing your online media from your desktop is incredibly easy. It can connect to a good variety of services, such as Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Google Docs, Instagram, YouTube, and Box. It lets you collect all the photos your friends have tagged of you on Facebook in an organized album and sync them to other photo sites such as Flickr or Picasa. Watch below view to see the features :

All you have to do to get started with Social Folders is download the app for Windows or Mac, sign up for an account, and start linking your social media accounts through the Social Folders web app. If you’re already signed in to those accounts this process will only take a few clicks

Download SocialFolders for Windows or SocialFolders for MAC to get started.