Easy tips to get free Dropbox storage 1GB+ more space without coupon referral

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dropbox logoDropbox is a file hosting service which enables users to store ( with history, different folder types ) and share files and folders with others across the Internet using file synchronization across different operating systems Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS, Android. Drop comes with 2GB free plan, you can very easily get additional storage up to another 8GB totally 10GB for free.

Watch this great video which shows the power of Dropbox. Must Watch and proceed with other tips to get additional storage.

DropBox : Setup and Use
  • Complete ‘Dropbox tour’ under the Getting Started tab (free 250MB)
  • Referral program (free 250 MB/referral upto 8GB) – Invite friends to join or start sharing nice content and send invitation to access, will signup to grab it.

Another 768MB from Social Media Sites https://www.dropbox.com/free

  • Connect your Twitter account to Dropbox using above link (free 128 MB)
  • Connect your Facebook account to Dropbox using above link (free 128 MB)
  • Follow Dropbox on Twitter using above link (free 128 MB)
  • Send Dropbox feedback using above link (free 128 MB)
  • Post a Facebook status update about Dropbox using above link (free 128 MB)
  • Tweet regarding about Dropbox (free 128 MB)

Easy Way to get all Bing Background Wallpapers , Download or Save

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Gordon is saving the daily images for both Bing US (United States) and Bing DE (Germany) in two separate galleries using a modified script. Click below images for each gallery.

Live US Bing US Bing DE

These background images aren’t the correct size to be ideal for desktop wallpaper, you could use Stretch, Screen Fit options in  Display properties.

Also, Bing Image Archive from istartedsomething.com is excellent calendar listed with each day background image. Save from here.

Bing Downloader is a small 10KB application that can download images from Bing.com and store in your local PC. This has to executed everyday. The app requires .NET Framework 3.5.

Sync any mp3 device with iTunes Library

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iTunes agent is a free application that allows you to sync your non-iPod MP3 player with your iTunes library. This is useful for people who use iTunes as your primary media player and have a non-iPod media player.

How it works – Whenever a new mp3 player is connected to computer, it recognizesiTunes Agent and will create a playlist for the device in iTunes and it will synchronize that list with tracks on your device. You may then modify this list, add and remove tracks, before you tell the iTunes Agent to synchronize the list with your player.

Error message and not working when starting up – iTunes Agent requires that .Net Framework 2.0 Final (or later) is installed. Please go to Windows Update to install the latest version of .Net Framework.

Download iTunes Agent

Mozilla Weave – Download, Register Account and Sync Firefox Profile across computers

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It’s almost been an year, I have mentioned about Mozilla Weave, the alternative toMozilla Weave 0.3 Google Browser Sync for firefox. There hasn’t been significant activity after that. Mozilla Labs released the Weave 0.3 version which is more stable and does the job of encrypting and securely synchronizing History, Tabs, Bookmarks, Passwords across multiple browsers, so that your desktop, laptop, and even mobile phone can all work together.

Weave doesn’t sync all of your browser add-ons. But that is planned for a future release. The server errors are very much reduced in this new version which were widely known issues from forums. This version also let you setup your own WebDav server for syncing.

How to get started with Weave.

  • Step 1. Make sure you are running the latest Firefox beta
  • Step 2. Download and install the Weave client.
  • Step 3. Open the Weave menu in the Tools menu or the bottom-right of the status-bar and select ‘Register’ or ‘Sign in’  to start using Weave!

I’ve have been using Foxmarks (now called Xmarks) which synchronizes bookmarks and passwords and works with Firefox 2, 3. It doesn’t sync tabs or histories.

Access / Sync Google bookmarks from anywhere, any computer

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Ever wanted to access the personal bookmarks saved on your local machine or wished to add a new link to your favorites , when accessing Internet from work place or any other location – Google bookmarks is a very good option for this.

There are Bookmark Sync add-on’s for Firefox like Foxmarks,  Google Browser Sync ( supported till Firefox 2 ), Mozilla Weave which support bookmark sharing across firefox installations at multiple locations.

Google Bookmarks is free, secure and can be accessed from any location and any browser.

On Webwww.google.com/bookmarks/

On IE Install Google toolbar and Sign in to view add / save Bookmarks. I aligned it beside my Roboform toolbar to not waste much viewable space.

IE 8 - Google Bookmarks

On Firefox Install GMarks Add-on and sign in to Google account to manage Google Bookmarks from within Firefox. It also lets you see Google reader starred items.

Firefox 3 - Gmarks