Using Free PDF printer convert Word or doc to PDF

image Have you ever felt the need to print something off the internet and didn’t have a printer ready? or just thought to save those confirmations on the computer instead of printouts, well there is a nice solution for that.

CutePDF Writer installs a virtual printer in your computer and its works just like a normal color printer but the printout can all be converted into pdf files and store in digital format.  You can convert any printable document to PDF format. You don�t need to purchase the expensive WORD to PDF convertors.

After installation, CutePDF printer is listed in printers. When you print using that printer, it’ll prompt you to save a pdf file.

This infact also helps you stay Green by saving a lot of paper and save all those unwanted confirmations on the computer.

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  1. When you choose “Nemo pdf converter”, you get options to pick for your pagesize etc. I use Word for Mac but down in my menu there is an option PDF. Click ( that and you should be able to save the document as a PDF. Just make sure you click “embed all fonts” and also that your images are optimised, all options are there to check out.

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