Free calling website – offers usa calling lets you call anyone in USA landline or mobile free from any place on planet.  EarthCaller does not force large software downloads. EarthCaller utilizes Microsoft’s Active X technology, which only requires an Internet Explorer browser to use the service. Other browsers, such as Firefox, Opera, or Safari do not support Active X and can’t be used. dial pad Earthcaller only works on IE7. 
If you have any other version, download portable IE7 here

tip: Just goto, create an account and give to your folks in India and viola you have free US calling from India.

Here are the Sip settings to configure your sip hardware ( PAP2 or SPA-3000 or 3102) or X-Lite, Express Talk soft phone. This is the sip configuration for calling US using a SIP device. Try couple of times, reports that its not working for all.

Earthcaller SIP Settings:

SIP port : 5060
Display Name: earthca11er
User Name: earthca11er
Password: n155an07
Authorization user name:

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  1. i love it

  2. hello i live is web site it is nice web

  3. I want to cll usa i like earthcaller to get it free for me i want to tell all my friend to use this site and get for free calling to usa
    thank u so much

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