PicTreat – Retouch and make better photos for facebook, myspace

pictreat logo PicTreat is a new free photo-retouching service that makes our personal pics look better. Simply upload a picture and Pictreat detects where the facial area is especially, and it does its best to remove the red eye, smooth the skin tones, and, in the case of cellphone pictures, remove noise from the photo.

PicTreat produces better results for personal photos and does not perform where the picture is already fairly good with no obvious blemishes, wrinkles, red eye. Otherwise, PicTreat delivers as promised and smoothed away blemishes, evened skin tones, and color adjusted lighting.

PicTreat requires no registration to use. You can sign in with MySpaceID, Facebook Connect or sign up for a PicTreat account for creating, sharing and printing albums

Try PicTreat.com ; Below is sample i tired. 

Original picwithout pictreat.com original

Pictreat resultpictreat result

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