Stellarium and Celestia – lets you explore the space

Celestia  logo Celestia is a free space simulation software that lets you explore our universe in three dimensions. Celestia lets you travel throughout the solar system, to any of over 100,000 stars, or even beyond the galaxy. All movement in Celestia is seamlessly smooth and uses hardware acceleration. Celestia runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.  Download Celestia || View Screenshots

Stellarium logo Stellarium is a free open source planetarium software for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. It is being used in planetarium projectors. Stellarium lets you browse the universe, see the stars from your current coordinates, and even sit back and check out the sights from the Mars Rover. You can look for specific stars and planets, and match up the constellations to the signs of the zodiac. Download Stellarium || View Screenshots

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