Get Grooveshark Subscription Free by taking Surveys–Anywhere Mobile

Grooveshark logoGrooveshark, service similar to Pandora, with much larger database of International song selection is one of the favorite music streaming services. Unlike Pandora, it doesn’t provide users ability to stream music on Mobile devices like iPhone, Android for free.

Access to Grooveshark Mobile requires a Grooveshark Anywhere subscription, which costs $9/month or $90/year. This allows you to take Grooveshark with you on your smartphone ( iPhone, iPod Touch or Android powered ).

Grooveshark Surveys – start here

Grooveshark rewards you points for doing their Surveys. In exchange for your opinion, they reward you with points that you can redeem for free upgrades to your account to Grooveshark Plus or Anywhere ( mobile ). Currently, you can ‘purchase’ a month of Grooveshark Plus for 600 points and a month of Anywhere for 900.

You can redeem your points for a free month of Grooveshark Plus or Anywhere by going to your Surveys menu and selecting which package you’d like to redeem your points for.

grooveshark surveys

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