Free Download Windows Mobile Hotspot Software ( WMWifi Router ) for most mobiles

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If you’re still using one of the old Windows Mobile device, you can turn your Windows Mobile phone into a Wi-Fi router, giving any Wi-Fi device access to your cellphone plan’s data network using WMWifiRouter software. So, you don’t need to rely on Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) any more. Since Windows Mobile and it’s Marketplace are closed, the full version of the WMWifi Router is available for free with license code. Check the list of all compatible devices

  • Simply install WMWifiRouter on your Windows Mobile phone, following below links :
        Note: these are TRIAL installers, you still need to unlock them (see below)
        ActiveSync installer, to install from your desktop computer
        Download WMWifiRouter.exe (English only)
        Download WMWifiRouter.exe (All languages)
        To unlock, use this license code: EDFZM-HTXKJ-TJTRH-ZTRCB
  • Run the application, and it automatically sets up an ad-hoc Wi-Fi network called WMWifiRouter. Then from any of your other wireless devices, i.e. laptop you can connect to the Internet.WMWifi Router Windows Mobile Router

WMWifiRouter instantly turns your Windows Mobile phone into a wireless Internet hotspot. Now you can use your laptop and any other device with wifi to get online and surf, email, instant message, and anything else you normally use the internet for. To use WMWifiRouter you need the following on your mobile device: Windows Mobile 5 AKU 3.3 or newer or Windows Mobile 6; both a wifi and a cellular data connection; an installed and working version of Internet Sharing; 15 MB of free device memory; additional requirements may apply; some providers remove Internet Sharing from their branded devices.–Free VPN account for NL, DE, FR, UK, USA ip PPTP server

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free vpn serviceRealVPN is a VPN service in beta offering free VPN accounts. It is limited, so please hurry and register for this service for a free account. It has PPTP servers located in several countries. This service can be used from any kind of device – Computer ( Windows, MAC, UNIX ), Mobile ( Android, iOS).  This lets you access services like hulu, spotfiy , pandora and other websites which have country restrictions.  RealVPN allows you to use any of their servers in NL, DE, FR, UK, USA countries, so you can get local IP of that country. Even if you don’t need to access restricted content, you could still use this to generally protect your privacy while you can surf the web anonymously and securely from any public wifi location too. 

  • Go to
  • Signup for a free account – provide your user and email
  • Wait for email with confirmation with your password and port.

While you are on the site, you can scroll down to see instructions in how to setup OpenVPN and in trying to get different country ip. ( click >> beside Howto – OpenVPN (Windows) >> to unhide instructions )

App to uncover iPhone location tracking info from file consolidated.db on PC and MAC

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Apple’s iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 4, and iPad models are all keeping track of it’s users whereabouts. Even Mac computers running Snow Leopard and even Windows computers running Safari 5 are being tracked. Turning the GPS won’t stop tracking, as it stores information from nearest cell towers.

There are free apps that let you examine /Users/<your user name>/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backups/ for the hidden tracking file. This file would have list of locations your iDevice has been : defined by a latitude, longitude and a timestamp. The program displays this data on a map so that you can visual image of where device been.

On MAC :: Download iPhone Tracker. Once downloaded, Launch the App and moments later you’ll be presented with a timeline that shows you where you’re iDevice has been in recent months.

On PC :: Download nphonetrack. Once downloaded, Launch the App and you’ll see options of viewing the results in Google Earth or exporting as a CSV so you can view the data in a spreadsheet.

iphone tracker app

Store unlimited photos and videos in Picasa Web Albums

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picasa logoGoogle Picasa Web Albums offers 1GB of free storage for photos and videos. Any photo and video will occupy that space and additional would cost you. Recently, Google made changes to how it calculates your storage quota usage.

Photos less than 800 pixels x 800 pixels and video less than 15 minutes long that are uploaded to Picasa Web Album, Blogger, or Buzz don’t count towards your storage quota. [ via picasa help ]

So, you can batch convert all your image collection to under 800 pixels and upload to picasa. For batch conversion – Use IrfanView or if you use Picasa Software, set Upload Size to Small (640 pixels) and no space is counted. For videos, you can cut them into number of pieces less then 15mins each.

Hack to see complete Google Profiles display photo

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Google made a lot of changes to Google Profiles recently. It has more details and organized.  There is a hack behind the Google Profiles picture, if you want to upload a profile photo to your Google Profile and use the cropping feature to edit the photo, even though by default the cropped image is seen in site, using a special link – you can access the complete photo.  [ via Googlesystem ]

special link to access complete original uploaded pic – go to<googleidhere>

google profile pic hack