Minilyrics – Best Lyrics Plugin for all Music Players

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minilyrics logoMiniLyrics is the most easy to use lyrics plugin software that works for almost all music players available in market now. It is designed to work on Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. The trial version never expires, you can try it for free and ignore the nagging registration notice.  MiniLyrics can do the following :

  • Show super cool scrolling lyrics, you can sing along with it.
  • Automatically search and download lyrics.
  • Huge lyrics database, and it is expanding every day.
  • Download and save lyrics in your mp3 files, you can view it on your iPod or iPhone.
  • Supports Amazing translucency skins.
  • Support saving/loading embedded ID3v2, Lyrics3v2 standard lyrics.

It’s very easy to install and use. It works for Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes, MediaMonkey, Spotify, Zune, Album Player, Helium Music Manager, JetAudio, Foobar2000, RealPlayer, Songbird, AIMP2, The KMPlayer, Yahoo! Music Engine, J. River minilyrics interfaceMedia Center, J. River Media Jukebox, Quintessential Player, BSPlayer, Silverjuke, XMPlay, VLC Media Player, Media Player Classic Home Cinema, MusicBee.

  1. Download MiniLyrics
  2. Install MiniLyrics
  3. Run your player and play your favorite tracks
  4. Lyrics will be showed up automatically

Get Full Version Cyberlink PhotoDirector 2011 Free Download with serial by beta testing

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Cyberlink PhotoDirector 2011 logoCyberLink answer to Adobe Lightroom, PhotoDirector 2011 is the first photo-editing program from the company which is designed to help you "perfect, manage, and share your photos." Its features include white-balance correction, noise reduction, adjustment brushes, and other high-falutin’ editing tools. Serious photographers will appreciate its support for RAW files from the likes of Canon and Nikon SLRs.  Go through the amazing Presentation for learning features of Cyberlink PhotoDirector 2011.

Cyberlink is encouraging imaging enthusiasts to beta test the product and offer the complete software for free. It will actually cost $99.95 when released. This is designed to work on 32bit & 64bit – Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP SP3. To get the software with key, follow below instructions :

  • Go to Cyberlink Promotion Site
  • Fill in your Name and Email.
  • Check your email inbox, for link to download PhotoDirector 2011 Beta version. Download and install the software. Test-drive the software, then e-mail the feedback form to CyberLink no later than June 20 using the link in email.
  • By June 30, you’ll receive an e-mail with everything you need to download the full version of the final release.

PhotoDirector Promotion Page

PhotoDirector 2011 lets you do do batch adjustments of basic exposure/color/etc. It is faster using PhotoDirector than Adobe Camera Raw in PS Elements. The problem is that PhotoDirector just can’t doesn’t do nearly enough. PhotoDirector isn’t as robust for adding metadata, generating files in multiple formats with customized names. Some advantages of PhotoDirector over Adobe Lightroom – Unlike LR, PhotoDirector adjustment brushes allow give you sliders for blue/yellow and green/magenta color correction sliders. This localized tone control is nice. The price is way cheaper and now it’s almost free.

Get free invite for Google Music Cloud beta

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Google Music beta logo Google’s Music service, cloud based, has finally launched and will be available to US users slowly. It’s still in beta and you won’t be able to purchase any music yet. It should rollout to rest of the world very slow.

Google Music, currently allows for the storage of 20,000 songs in the cloud for streaming to any computer or Android device – all for free while the service is in beta. You use Google’s Music Manager on your desktop to add your songs to the service. It adds play counts and ratings as well. It’s a "full featured music manager", so you can search and do all the other things you could in iTunes and Windows Media Player. Some features of Google Music service :

  • Instant Mix creates playlists automatically based on any by analyzing your music library and matching songs together in a quick mix.
  • Search is as smooth as any you’ve ever seen by Google.
  • Other functions include automatically caches music on your phone, and you can select albums, artists and playlists to pin (or download to your phone) for offline listening.

The sooner you put in your request, the sooner you’ll get your invitation.
 Google Music Beta Request

Google Music invite

Watch the video published by Google introducing the new Cloud Music service

Google Music beta Intro

Download Official Wallpapers from Ubuntu 11.04

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Ubuntu 11.04 ( codenamed Natty Narwhal ) has 18 new refreshing wallpapers including the default one. They come with the usual feel of Ubuntu brownish tint. Some wallpapers are photographs captured by talented photographers. So go ahead and download using below link or view them at Web Upd8 blog and enjoy on your Windows or MAC system.

ubuntu 11.04 wallpaper 1 ubuntu 11.04 wallpaper 2
ubuntu 11.04 wallpaper 3 ubuntu 11.04 wallpaper 4

Download Ubuntu 11.04 Wallpapers [ .tar.gz 3MB ]

Splayer – Favorite Media Player replaced The KMPlayer

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splayer logoThe KMPlayer has been my default Video Player since two years after trying VLC Player, Media Player Classic, OpenSubtitle Player or any other. I like it for the default keyboard shortcuts, playing huge KMV without any lag and other options. But, recently I came across this new open source software that has totally replaced The KMPlayer on my system and I still like this player.

Download Splayer from here ; Portable version.

splayer comparision

  • It downloads subtitles automatically for your Movies and TV Shows.
  • It is extremely small software which you can install or have a portable version.
  • It’s very light weight tool that plays all large videos without any issue.