XSUsenet.com–Free Usenet account with news group client download

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Usenet is a worldwide distributed Internet discussion system started in 1980s and is still in use amongst few users having around 25,000 messages sent with over 8TB data shared per month. It is fastest method for exchanging information and files over the internet. Usenet has more then 2500 terabyte of unique data with 9TB being added everyday. Usenet is not open to all public as it requires access to Usenet newsgroup server and a client to connect too.

free usenet accessXS Usenet, is a newsgroup server that is giving out free Usenet accounts that never expire, these free accounts are limited to transfer rates of 1Mbps and limited to 2 connections. This is still good for a average user.

  • Go to http://www.xsusenet.com/#1
  • Click Subscribe Now  and Signup for Free account. Choose any of the countries in dropdown, would still let you use service from anywhere in world.

Some highlights of the service – 400+ days retention, No IP retention, 2500Tb storage, No personal details

Free Usenet client ( newsgroup reader ) – GrabIt  and Unzbin are probably the best free Usenet clients. Both are extremely small in size. Grabit is frequently updated and would be my first choice. Follow the link and download and use below server details to connect to XS Usenet server with your username password and explore it.

Get Grabit ( http://www.unzbin.com/ )  or Unzbin ( http://www.unzbin.com/ )

XS Usenet server details to config in client

  • Address: reader.xsusenet.com
  • Regular Port: 119 non-secure
  • SSL Port: 443 secured

Restart computer directly in Safe Mode–Windows

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BootSafeXP is a Windows portable utility to quickly restart Windows XP in Safe Mode. Once started in Safe Mode, you will automatically restart in Normal Mode on the next reboot, unless you run BootSafeXP again while in Safe Mode. This helps you avoid continuously tapping the F8 while restarting the PC.

windows safe mode

This should also work on other windows versions. This requires standard VB6SP6 Runtimes available and will be installed automatically.

Scroll to both of https://sites.google.com/a/obxcompguy.com/foolish-it/vb6-projects/bootsafexp and download the portable or setup.

Store unlimited photos and videos in Picasa Web Albums

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picasa logoGoogle Picasa Web Albums offers 1GB of free storage for photos and videos. Any photo and video will occupy that space and additional would cost you. Recently, Google made changes to how it calculates your storage quota usage.

Photos less than 800 pixels x 800 pixels and video less than 15 minutes long that are uploaded to Picasa Web Album, Blogger, or Buzz don’t count towards your storage quota. [ via picasa help ]

So, you can batch convert all your image collection to under 800 pixels and upload to picasa. For batch conversion – Use IrfanView or if you use Picasa Software, set Upload Size to Small (640 pixels) and no space is counted. For videos, you can cut them into number of pieces less then 15mins each.

Use Dark Wallpapers and Themes to save Mobile Smartphone battery

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The large 3.5 inch and 4 inch screen Smartphones ( iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows phone 7 ) in the market today allow a number of personalization’s to suit different and all owners happy. One of the draw back of these big screen phones is the battery life. There are several other ways which help you save your battery life by turning off services that are not in use like Bluetooth, GPS, 3g etc.

dark wallpapers save battery smartphone

You can also save battery by using Dark Wallpapers and Themes as it’s learnt – a full brightness white pixel uses 5.8 times more battery than a black pixel . Read the link for detailed info. So trying choosing dark wallpapers, dark themes and backgrounds for apps. It also makes clearer display for the text. For example, if you have a Galaxy S, Nexus S, or some HTC Desire HDs phones, you can benefit quite a bit by using darker colors on your phone.

View Powerpoint 2010 (.pptx, .ppt) without Powerpoint , free tool

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Microsoft has released new formats .docx, .xlsx, .pptx in Microsoft Office 2007 / 2010 Suite adding extra capability. Office Suite is pretty expensive and sometimes you might not have access to it.

Powerpoint ViewerIn case if you have received a .pptx ( 2007 and 2010 ) or .ppt ( 2003 or earlier ) versions of PowerPoint presentation files, you can view them with all embedded effects using a free tool provided by Microsoft. You’ll just need to download and install on your local windows system to use this software. This is designed to work on Windows 7/ Vista/ XP / 2003

Download from here.