Free Network Monitor tool – Detailed Process, IP, Port info

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ProcNetMonitor is the free tool to monitor the network activity of all running process in any Windows version. It displays all open network ports (TCP/UDP) and active network connections for each process with detailed incoming / outgoing Port and IP. This makes it an effective tool in combating the Trojans and Spywares installed on the system which continuously send keyboard strokes, online account data and other sensitive information to remote server. It provides option to terminate the selected process.

ProcNetMonitor works on all Windows platforms starting from XP to latest Windows 7 version and is a fully portable free application.

Download it from

ProcNetMonitor Interface

Completely uninstall and cleanup any Antivirus or Antispyware

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Most of the AntiVirus, Antispyware or any security software integrate deeply into the system and uninstalling them isn’t an easy task and certain elements are left over. Often, installing new antivirus clashing with the existing install or any new virus detection issues. AppRemover is a software that enables the complete uninstallation of security applications such as antivirus and antispyware from your computer very easy even when you forgot the administrator password.

AppRemover Interface

You can check out the list of supported software here.

It supports hundreds of antivirus and antispyware applications. It works on Windows 2000, 2003, XP (32 / 64 bit), Vista (32 / 64 bit), 2008, Windows 7

Download AppRemover.

Fix for ‘The file or disk structure is corrupted and unreadable’ on NTFS drive

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On my Windows Vista Ultimate laptop, I have two partitions one for Windows OS and other for all my documents. I use Carbonite service for online backup of all my documents in D drive. My daily internet use includes downloading very huge files and deleting them very often. When trying to delete or write any new content, I get the error ‘The file or disk structure is corrupted and unreadable’.  The file or disk structure is corrupted and unreadable

The temporary fix was to do a Check Disk Chkdsk ( scandisk ) from Windows. But, it would only schedule it at restart of computer because it prompts drive is in use. And this happens again and again. After some research, ‘ This behavior can occur if the NTFS volumes’ Master File Table (MFT) is corrupted. NTFS supports case-sensitive (POSIX) file names, but Chkdsk does not check file names in case-sensitive mode.’

To resolve this issue, run check disk and then back up the drive that contains the corrupted file. Reformat the volume, and then restore from the backup.

Fix for steam.exe (main exception): unable to load library Steam.dll Error

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After installing Steam on another computer and while launching it I got the error – steam.exe (main exception): unable to load library Steam.dll . steam.exe (main exception): unable to load library Steam.dll

I did some research and have uninstalled and tried installing again and again but still the same issue. Some forums even recommended that I need to copy files from disc onto Steam installed folder. I even made sure none of the Programs mentioned in Steam Support are interfering with the installation. I have changed my Bitdefender firewall to permit Steam exclusively, but it failed too.

Finally, I realized the application blocking Steam to connect to its network was Peer Guardian. From the task manager, I have closed ‘pg2.exe’ and I was able to run the Steam application properly. You can even see the Peer Guardian Logs and allow the connection to Steam servers.